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Dentistry FAQs

Though without meeting personally with your dentist, it is difficult to answer all of your dental concerns, we hope to address some of the more common questions about dentistry and your teeth. This information is provided so that we are as available as possible even when not in touch personally. Please note that this information represents general guidelines and a source of information and is not a replacement for an appointment with your dentist.

Questions and Answers coming soon!

Is it affordable?

Dental care can be a significant expense for many patients, and our offices will try to do all that we can to make this dental care affordable to you and your family.

For those patients who carry dental insurance, we will do our best to help you maximize your benefits, and as a courtesy, will file your claims for you. We cannot, however, be fully responsible for your relationship with your insurance company. Knowledge of the specifics of your individual plans is your responsibility, but we will help you to get the most out of your plans as possible.

We do currently participate in some PPO’s and hope to provide you with high quality treatment and care while continuing our relationship with your insurance companies. Most major credit cards and insurances are accepted.

For those without dental insurance, we hope to provide you with quality dental care as well with the understanding that you may have some financial limitations. To help ease the burdens of other financial
obligations, our office takes part in Care Credit. For more information please go to

Dr. Millsaps believes in continuing to provide care to the underserved portions of the community. He will continue to see patients with Medicaid or NC Health Choice as his schedule permits.

What if my temporary crown comes off?

Most times the answer is call your dentist. If you are out of town or it is a weekend, you can try a few different things until you are able to get an appointment. Using toothpaste or denture adhesive may allow you some comfort and stability of the temporary. It is important to understand that this may not be successfulm, and you should use care when eating. Please DO NOT use superglue or any adhesive not designed to be in the mouth.