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Dentures and Partial Dentures

Dentures and partials dentures replace several missing teeth in a individuals mouth. These may also be referred to as “plates” by many individuals. Partials can be used when some, but not all, of a person’s teeth are missing. These hook around the remaining teeth with clasps and may require minor preparation of these teeth to better accept the partial denture. Partials are made at dental labs and come in a variety of forms. Valplast partials, acrylic partials, and metal framework partials are examples of these and may be preferred depending on each individuals circumstances.

Complete dentures replace all the teeth in a patient’s mouth or specific arch (upper or lower). Though nothing can replace someone’s natural dentition perfectly, dentures may greatly improve an individuals quality of life and ability to eat and speak. Dentures require a series of appointments in order to maximize the comfort and fit of the denture for each individual patient. Most dentures will require maintenance over time and “relining” in order to cope with the changing structure of the jaws as time passes. For loose dentures and partials, implants or mini-implants may aid in keeping them more securely in place.

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